ZappySales targets investments in Consumer Products (with a heavy focus on Consumer Products in e-commerce), Value-Add Distribution, and Business Services companies. Typically, we looks for investments that have an EBITDA between $350K to $1 million.

ZappySales’ partners have extensive backgrounds in operations, strategy development and investing. In addition to capital, ZappySales provides significant operational and strategic resources to each of its investments. We view our primary job as one of creating a steady operating and financial environment for management to pursue freely intelligent opportunities that will benefit our companies in the long run. We are not driven by short-term decisions; instead, we focus on building sustainable value.


Revenue 1MM - 5MM


3+ Years in Operations

Catalog > 1K SKU’s

Strong Organic Growth

DirectShip / US Distributors Agreements in place
(No Inventory)

Our Verticals

Kitchen and Bath

Lawn and Garden

HVAC & Parts

Maintenance, Repair, and Operating Supplies (MRO)

Health & Beauty

Custom Decor


Buyouts – Provide capital necessary to complete the purchase of a company

Recapitalizations – Allow an owner to have a liquidity event while maintaining an equity position to profit from growth and expansion

Shareholder Transitions – Facilitate changes in the shareholder base to provide a company with new capital, leadership, and strategic direction to achieve its potential

Inventory Financing – Asset-backed, revolving line of credit or short-term loan


The Zappysales process: fast, easy and reliable.

Pitch your Business

Share your business journey with us — the ups and downs and what makes your biz awesome. We have been there too!

Get a Valuation

We give your business a valuation and provide you with a P&L and a letter of intent if your company fits our model

Accept your Offer

Once we agree on an offer, our legal and support team will be with you every step of the way to complete the required due diligence

Successfully Exit

As soon as we finish the closing process, the exit is complete and you’ll get paid in cash!